Bowen Consulting Group

Bowen Consulting Group is an established engineering and constructibility group within the power, heavy specialty rigging, chimney liner fabrication and installation arena.  We have successfully performed some of the most challenging projects, utilizing innovative techniques with a commitment to safety, schedule and budget.  Our strategic past and vast individual experience positions us for a leading part in FGD and related projects.  With experience on infuses for new and retrofit chimney projects, heavy lifting and hauling and innovative man-hour saving rigging techniques, we are ready to support your project needs. 


The group is backed by the full compliment of:

  • Over 50 years of engineering and construction experience
  • Certified CAD technicians
  • Access to certified welders for PQR and WPS development
  • The group is qualified to perform ASME pressure vessel calculations for new work and repairs. BCG also has extensive knowledge in AWS fabrication and specialized alloy and aluminum state of the art welding.   

Our engineering staff is qualified for specialized rigging design and currently owns and maintains several patents for innovative rigging approaches.  A highlighted patented invention, the “Chimney Demolition Derrick”, was designed and fabricated to provide our customers with a safe and controlled method to demolish tall concrete structures utilizing a controlled decent device while having the ability to lower itself during use.  The device can safely operate at elevations in excess of 1100’ and can be configured to virtually any diameter chimney requirement.  The device is designed to remove internal chimney liners and to methodically cut through the chimney concrete wall one section at a time and lower it to the ground under controlled conditions safely and efficiently.

Commitment to Safety

The industries we serve require contractors to have and maintain impeccable safety records.  BCG, LLC is committed to maintaining an absolutely safe worksite for its employees and assist our clients in safe innovative methods of construction.  Our approach to safety is preventive training, daily observations, good communication, continuous improvement, detailed execution plans and planning.

  • BCG LLC’s base safety program plays an active role in how we manage and control the construction process.  
  • Our Critical Activities Process is an essential element of our daily Safety program.  Daily safety meetings and pre-activity reviews in accordance with BCG procedures and execution plans are held before work begins and again prior to a new task being added to the job.
  • BCG LLC takes a very aggressive hands-on approach to a project’s safety requirements.  Safety is an integral part of the overall process, just as quality control, job performance, and project efficiency are on every task that we perform. 


BCG LLC is supported by BEC’s quality management group who is constantly evolving in the way we deliver our services toward our goal of improving overall customer satisfaction.  Our objective is to build a desired finished product free of defects and on time by controlling the quality of the input, thereby eliminating costly errors, rework, and delays, with an end result being a completed work product that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Every employee at BCG LLC shares the responsibility for quality in everything that we do and every project we undertake.  Superior quality at BCG LLC requires both an individual effort as well as a team effort.

BCG LLC’s Quality program is documented by comprehensive written policies, procedures and instructions, and is performed throughout every project we undertake. Supported by Bowen Engineering Corp, BCG currently holds the following code stamps:

  • Code Stamp “A” to Section I of the ASME
  • Code Stamp “U” to Section I of the ASME for New Pressure Vessel Fab
  • Code Stamp “R” to the National Board Inspection Code and Jurisdictional Requirements
  • Current Certifications with the ASME National Board
  • Code Stamp “S” to Section I-PG-105, PG-106 and Referenced Sections, Parts and Figures of the ASME
  • BEC also participates in the Boilermakers “Common Arc” welder certification programs.

CAD Capabilities

Bowen Consulting Group is dedicated to having the most up-to-date CAD software and trained operators.

BCG LLC has an extensive CAD library of cranes and rigging apparatuses to allow immediate engagements for our clients.  The following is a brief selected list of manufactures we have CAD files available for base line and 3D rigging plans:

  • Manitowoc
  • Grove
  • Demag
  • Liebherr
  • Linkbelt
  • Mantis
  • American Hoist
  • Timberland
  • Goldhofer
  • Scanda Lift Systems
  • Duplex Monorail Systems