• Client: Various
  • Markets Served: Energy and Environmental

Bowen Consulting Group is an engineering consulting firm located in Poca, WV. With over 40 years of experience in engineering management consulting and ASME codes and standards, we have continuously helped our clients to reduce the costs associated with design, construction, repair, replacement and modification of pressure retaining equipment. We also seek to assist our clients in their understanding of ASME code requirements for maintaining quality and safety, without sacrificing time and financial resources. Our goal is to educate our clientele and teach them how to possibly resolve ASME boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, and other regulatory issues. At Bowen Consulting Group, we specialize in a variety of consulting services including:

  • ASME Codes and Standards (specifically in the area of application for design, fabrication, NDE, inspection and quality assurance)
  • Boilers and Pressure Valves
  • Welding (ASME and AWS evaluations)
  • Quality Assurance and Control Process Development
  • Code Compliance
  • Repairs and Replacement Recommendations

Consulting for the above areas is provided on an hourly basis. We also offer the option for a Retainer Agreement (inexpensive telephone consulting with incorporated billing rates and unlimited use of a computer database of various code interpretations). Our teams of engineers are always available to assist customers with technical support and approach each question and challenge from a solutions-driven standpoint. It is our expertise in this field and attention to detail that sets our company apart. As engineering consultants on a variety of projects, some generated reports can occasionally be used effectively by a number of clients. We present four different reports:

  • ASME Code Reconciliation (allowing power plant boiler clients to know whether a material can be used without affecting the design of an item.  
  • RA-Search Database (permits clients to find any ASME Interpretation within seconds).
  • Underthickness Report (permits a client to evaluate and temporarily accept an area of a pressure vessel or piping system that has been corroded, eroded, or otherwise reduced in thickness).
  • NDE Report (allowing a client to easily upgrade material from one Class to another). Bowen Consulting Group is proud to offer clients a consulting services to further education on ASME code requirements and philosophy. The training course is titled, "ASME Section XI" and covers these areas of learning:
    • Repair, Replacement, Modification and Maintenance
    • Pressure Testing

When challenges do arise, Bowen Consulting Group is prepared with experts and consultants for testifying on ASME Code issues regarding general requirements, materials, design, fabrication, nondestructive examination, and guide you to the appropriate testing labs for quality assurance.