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  • Client: Various
  • Markets Served: Energy and Environmental

Bowen Consulting Group possesses extensive individual chimney liner erection and installation planning skills.  In house experience individuals has provided innovative erection methods, fabrication details, erection sequence drawings with heavy and specialty equipment use.

Our base group of engineers can provide specialty alloy (C-276) and stainless welding technics, Welding Procedures, and Prequalified Welding technic development. 

Bowen Consulting Group, headquartered in Poca, West Virginia, provides construction support, maintenance and alliance fabrication services to the power, petrochemical and chemical industries in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and the surrounding area. We are a privately owned company specializing in the fabrication and specialty rigging of new chimneys and chimney related work.

Our strategic past and vast individual experience position us for a leading part in FGD and related projects with infuses on new and retrofit chimney projects, heavy lifting and hauling and innovative man-hour saving rigging techniques.

We are an established support group for BEC, contractor within the power, heavy specialty rigging, alloy chimney liner fabrication and installation arena.