• Client:Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (KCPBU)
  • Contractor: Bowen Engineering
  • Location: Kansas City, KS, USA
  • Project Size: 316 megawatts
  • Markets Served: Environmental/Energy
  • Architect/Engineer: B&W/Black & Veatch

Bowen Consulting Group provided critical lift assistance, internal boiler modification rigging and methods, heavy haul transportation and support Bowen Engineering and for the plant to be in compliance with EPA MATS requirements.

KCBPU’s Nearman Creek is completing a number of upgrades on its 316MW coal-burning plant in Kansas City, Kansas. This project includes significant upgrades throughout the power station, including 2 SCRs, 2 Dry Scrubbers, and 2 Pulse Jet Fabric Filters. The addition of these air quality control systems will reduce the environmental impact of the Nearman Creek plant, including significant removal of SOx, Mercury and other heavy metals, and will bring the plant’s emissions into compliance with the EPA’s mandated requirements. In addition to the AQCS system upgrades, Bowen Engineering replaced 450 boiler tube bundles within the site. This extensive project work takes place within a tight timeframe, and requires proactive coordination with site operations, other contractors and subcontractors to complete on time. Bowen assisted by Bowen Consulting Group assembled extensive planning, ahead of starting construction and actively with Black & Veatch, KCBPU staff to ensure the work is completed safely, efficiently, and on time.