Coffen Precip Inlet Duct.jpg
  • Client: Ameren Corporation
  • Contractor: Alberici Constructors
  • Location: Coffeen, IL, USA
  • Project Size:1,150 megawatts
  • Markets Served: Environmental/Energy
  • Architect/Engineer: Sargent & Lundy

Bowen Consulting Group provided constructability planning, primary crane selection, temporary support structure design and critical lift permitting for Alberici Constructors for the construction of wet flue gas desulfurization (WFGD) systems and electrostatic precipitators as part of a major environmental controls project at Ameren Corp.’s coal-fired power plant in Coffeen, Illinois. The project at Coffeen Station is part of Ameren’s $1 billion environmental improvement program to provide cleaner energy at its coal-fired power plants in Illinois.

Alberici constructed new WFGD systems for the plant's two coal-fired boilers. WFGD units remove sulfur dioxide from the plant’s flue gas through a process in which a crushed limestone slurry is sprayed over flue gases in absorber vessels. Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd. manufactured the absorber vessels and related equipment installed by Alberici at Coffeen.

In addition to the sulfur dioxide scrubber system, Alberici constructed a new electrostatic precipitator system, which uses electric charges to remove particulate matter from the plant’s combustion gases.

Alberici installed 4,200 tons of structural steel and 2,650 tons of steel ductwork on the project.  Alberici utilized their own 900-ton capacity crane (M1200 Ringer) to set the steel ductwork in place.

Alberici worked with Ameren’s engineering firm, Sargent & Lundy, with Bowen Consulting Groups support for constructability planning and critical lift permitting to perform the design-build project on a fast-track schedule. The project was completed under budget and on time in 2010, with an outstanding safety record. At its peak, the project employed nearly 800 workers.